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My journey with nutrition started at a young age.  I have a rich, wonderful history of farming in my family- you could say, our roots are in the ground. Locally grown, whole, nourishing foods were a normality.  In college, I continued the family tradition of working with food in a different way and I spent 5 years in the lab, classroom, clinical and community settings studying to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.
Along the journey, I developed a love for video production.  I decided to marry my two passions- nutrition and video- and launch Instagram, IGTV and Youtube accounts.  Now I answer your questions every single week in a concise manner and I share interviews with dietitians from around the globe each Sunday!  I want to be your source for sound nutrition advice, and the biggest cheerleader for our profession!
Have a nutrition question?  Visit my YouTube channel here, to submit your question in the comment section of my latest video!  I will answer your question in a video soon.  If you are a fellow credentialed nutrition professional or student, let’s connect!  Direct message me on Instagram here, or email me at  I cannot wait to connect with you!
Aimee Sarchet, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist